What Does a Termite Look Like?When it comes to identifying a termite problem, the first obvious question is:

What does a termite look like?

What a termite looks like is often described as a ‘white ant’ due to the fact that termite workers and soldiers have a white colored bodies.  But in fact, termites are quite unique.  There are several characteristics you can use to tell if you are looking at a termite or not.  Termites have wide bodies, they have straight antennas and are light in color.

To see the differences between termites and ants see our other termite identification article.

Average Termite Size:

Termites are generally 3-6 mm for workers and soldiers.  The reproductives are larger at 5-15 mm.

Termite Color:

Termites vary in color depending on the species.  Since subterranean termites stay out of the light, they tend to have white, translucent bodies.  Dampwood termites who live above ground are light copper color.

What Do Termites Look LikeGeneral Shape:

Termites are wide bodied insects.  Unlike ants that have narrow midsections, termites have wide bodies from head to tail.

Termite Antenna:

Termite antenna are straight and appear very bead like and curve out slightly.

More Information

For additionall information, see our section of termite pictures.  The different pictures can help you accuratlly identify these pests.  There are other signs of termite damage that you should be looking for.  Termites work inside the wood they are destroying, so you might never see a termite, but they can still destroy your house.  So be sure to be watching for the other signs of termites.