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Termite Swarming Season

Termite Swarmers Termite swarmers are termites that are designated to fly away from the colony and spread the colony to new places. These termites are only capable of spreading the colony and can not cause any damage to your...

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Termite Droppings

Termites poop just like any other insect. Some termites will mold their waste into termite pellets that they will use to build tubes and tunnels. Other termites will simply kick their waste out of their nest, forming little piles of dust looking termite droppings. Either can provide homeowners signs of local termite activity.

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What are Termite Bonds?

A termite bond offers homeowners long term termite protection. With a termite bond, a pest control company insures that your house is termite free. Depending on the agreement, they will conduct regular inspections and treat any termite activity they find.

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Termite Tubes

Termite mud tubes are a serious sign of termite infestation! Termite tubes are built by subterranean termites to cover any open areas they need to travel though. They will build termite mud tubes to cover areas such as building foundations that they need to cross to get to new food sources.

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How Big Are Termites?

Ever wonder how big a termite is? If so, we have a neat guide with some nice pictures for size comparison. It really is amazing how small these critters are, especially when you consider how much damage they can cause.

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Termite Information

Termites are the single greatest economic pest in the United States. They cause billions of dollars in damage each year to homes and other buildings. If they go unnoticed and untreated a termite infestation will completely destroy wood structures.

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