Termites are a common pest that can cause thousands of dollars in damage for homeowners who do not catch an infestation in time. Professional pest control services can be very pricey as well, which can prevent homeowners from hiring them to investigate and treat termite infestations. However, there is another option for people concerned about termite issues that doesn’t require hiring a professional. Termite stakes are available on the market that can both detect and exterminate termites.

Termite stake systems, such as the Terminateā„¢ Termite Home Defense System or the Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection Stakes, are designed for do-it-yourself application. These systems are often criticized as not being as effective as traditional pesticide treatment by a professional pest control company. This is due to the difference in treatment methods. Traditional termite exterminations lay down a long lasting chemical barrier on the surface of the soil around the home. Termites are repelled or killed by the pesticides when trying to dig through the treated area.

The termite stakes are formulated as bait, not as a barrier treatment. They work by attracting the termiteto carry it back to the nest, where the termites consume it. There is still a good level of extermination, but it may completely destroy infestations if they are too large and advanced. Termite detection stakes are also available, as part of a kit or separately, and they can be used to detect termite infestations even if the homeowner doesn’t want to rely on the extermination stakes.

Termite Stakes

Most of the termite detector stakes work by including a feeding station in the stake. When the feeding station is discovered by termites and they begin to remove the bait, many stakes include a small section of the stake pops up to indicate termites have been detected. Others must be removed periodically and checked. HomeChoice Termite Detectors say that it can take up to 8 months of termites to begin feeding in a detector stake feeding station, so they should be check regularly for a year or more. They should also be used after a extermination stake treatment is completed, to make sure that all termites have been eliminated.

Using the stakes is relatively easy. The Terminateā„¢ Termite Home Defense System instructions recommend inserting the stakes into holes drilled in the ground around the perimeter of the house, around 10 feet apart and within 2-3 feet of the foundation. Stakes should be added to spots that attract termites, such as ground that stays moist due to sprinkler systems or faucets. Once termites have been detected, the detecting stakes should be removed and the pesticide bait stakes should replace them. Using the same locations helps ensure the termites will continue to feed.

Termite stakes are a good choice for homeowners who feel comfortable doing their own pest control. Even if the homeowners wants to use a professional pest control service, termite detecting stakes such as the Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection Stakes, can save money by detecting an infestation without an expensive home inspection.