There can be few more distressing discoveries for a homeowner than evidence of a termite infestation. If left untreated, the subterranean termite can do extensive damage to a home’s wood foundation, as well as damaging furniture, books, and papers within the house. Along with substantial damage, many states have a conditional sales caveat requiring a home to be inspected for termites before sale. But at times the challenge of finding a good termite exterminator can be as frustrating as finding the termites.

One of the first steps in selecting a termite exterminator is to determine if they’re licensed with the Department of Agriculture or appropriate agency within your state. Termite extermination is a highly specialized field, requiring specialized equipment and a contractor well skilled and knowledgeable about application procedures. Licensing can assure that the contractor has passed state exams concerning use and application of pesticides.

It is always advisable to obtain two to three inspections and bids. This way you have a better grasp of what each contractor can offer as well as the advantage of more than one inspection. Inquire of any contractor you’re considering if they offer termite bonds. This is a contract which guarantees their treatment for a specified time, usually five years. If the premises should become infested again during the term of the contract, the contractor will treat the home for free.

Termite Control CompanyReferences are extremely valuable in making a decision, ask the contractor to supply you with references and take the time to check them. Ask the contractor what method of extermination they utilize, termite baiting or a soil applied liquid form of termiticide. The latter has been used for decades and has proven very effective. Termite baiting is a much more complex procedure and works gradually. In some cases, both methods may need to be utilized to successfully destroy the infestation. Ask the contractor to explain to you any dangers or risks to your family or pets which could be associated with the treatment method employed.

Take Your Time Choosing a Termite Extermination Company

Termites, though extremely destructive, work slowly. Take your time when choosing a termite company. The damage termites can do in a week or even a month is not substantial enough that you should rush through the decision of which contractor to employ. Review each bid and contract carefully before making a choice. Having your home treated for termites can be disruptive and somewhat time-consuming, try to make certain you choose the best contractor for the job so that it’s done right the first time.