If you think you might have termites then you might consider having a termite inspection. Termites can significantly damage the structure of a home making it imperative to know as soon as possible that there are termites within the homes structure. Many times termite inspections are done when buying a home to check for evidence before buying a home. If there are termites the buyer can then choose not to buy the home.

Termite inspections are visual inspections on a ready home that can show evidence of termites. The inspector will usually go into the crawl spaces, the basement and even the attic to get a thorough inspection. The termite inspection usually takes around thirty to forty minutes and depends on the condition and size of home. After the inspection the inspector can give report their findings on an appropriate form.

Termite Inspection

Termites can live in hot and cold environments. Cold conditions will not kill the termites no matter how cold the weather gets. Instead the termites will enter hibernation or slow them down.

Individuals looking to buy a home should be aware that a termite inspection is usually a separate cost from the home inspection. Check with the home inspector how much the termite inspection will cost. The inspector will be able to give a detailed list of type of organisms the inspection will cover. This usually will vary state to state. Because there are free termite inspections for homes not in real estate transactions check for local discounts.

Termite Inspection Costs

The average costs of termite inspections range from $60-$200. These inspections usually will include a detailed report of the findings and damage. Check around with several termite control companies to make sure you are getting a fair price. You may find that one service will offer cheaper rates. Always ask for references and make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured company.

How Often Should I Have My Home Inspected?

After your initial termite inspection it is recommended to have a termite inspection every two years but once you find a quality inspector it is as simple as keeping their information on file.

Termites can come at any time in a home. Don’t be rushed in finding your termite inspector. Take time to do your research to find a quality termite inspector as you will appreciate your effort once your home is termite free. Arrange for a thorough termite inspection, know your costs upfront, and get ready for a termite free home. Termites can be expensive but they are manageable with a dependable termite inspector.