Termite treatment methods vary greatly in cost and effectiveness. Depending on the severity of your infestation you may chose to enlist the help of a professional pest control company, or you may try to take care of the problem yourself. Whichever treat method you choose, it is important to rid your home of the pests completely so there is no more damage done to the structural integrity of your home. The pest control augusta ga is what one can opt for to get rid of the unnecessary pests.

Detecting the Problem

The first step in the process of extermination is detecting a termite problem. There are a few warning signs of termites to look for such as sawdust or a mud like substance on the wooden surfaces of your home.  Termite activity leave subtile signs, but an alert homeowner should be able to spot them when they start to appear.

If you suspect a problem, a professional termite inspection by a reputable pest control service is the best way to effectively determine if you do in fact have a termite infestation and to what extent.

Treating Wood with Borate

Prevention is the best way to eliminate a future termite problem. Treat the structure of your home while it is still being built. You can have your building company use borate to treat the wood. This is a very effective way to prevent termites because the borate kill the protozoa in the termites digestive tract that enable it to turn wood into food. A borate treatment is not expensive and will save you money in the long run.

Ground Stakes for Light Problems

Ground stakes and baits are a good choice for a mild infestation. While it is more costly than the liquid treatment and can take months to complete, it is a safer choice since it does not release poison into your soil and around your home. A plastic stake with a wooden interior is placed in the ground near where a colony is suspected. When the stake are checked and show signs of termites, the wood is treated with a pesticide. This poison is a slow working one so that a single host can carry it back to the colony. While the termites are grooming and feeding the host will pass the poison along to the colony.

Liquid Treatments and Chemical Barriers for Moderate Invasions

Liquid Chemical Termite Treatments

The quickest way to treat a moderate infestation is to use a liquid treatment. This is ideal for the do it yourself exterminator. You can choose to use a compound made specifically to kill the termites or you might want to choose one that will provide a barrier around your home. Both work immediately, are effective and are very affordable. When enlisting the help of a pest control company they will usually dump quite a bit of the poison into the soil around your home to deter any future colonization.

Fumigation for Serious Infestations

The most effective way to treat a major infestation is fumigation. A fumigation requires the help of a professional and is the most costly method of treatment. For this method your pest control company will cover your home in a tent and seal it off. They will then release a poison gas in your home that penetrates the structure of your home and kills any termites living in your walls. From beginning to end this process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Fumigation is one of the best options for serious infestations.